update: Frozen Seafoods
관리자 2007/04/07 11278
Dear Visitor,

We are so pleased to meet you on this site and thanks for your kind attending.
I really hope you will get good news and find chance selling or buying.

At this moment we are able to offer .....
1) Argentine Illex Squid Whole
2) Pacific Cod Milt
3) Greenland Halibut HGT & Head
4) Pacific Cod HG
5) Hake Roe
6) Scomber Japonicus, Scomber Scombrus
7) Chum Salmon HG
8) Yellowfin Sole Whole
9) Arrow Tooth Flounder HG

If you are interested or if you need further information please don't hesitate to contat us at any time you need.
You can call at 82 2 586 5162 or e-mail toglobalfish@korea.com orglobalfish@globalseafoods.co.kr

Wait for your interesting.

Thanks and best regards,
Moon Kim